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Now-More Than Ever- Is The Time To Get Involved With Your State Association

If you are in the hospitality industry, chances are good that you work long, crazy hours.  You have a ton of demands on your time, and your body is physically challenged as you run through the hotel, restaurant, or club.  It is tough to contemplate taking on one more task.

Well, you should! Get involved in your local or statewide restaurant and lodging association. And I don’t’ mean just joining and paying your dues. I am telling you to get involved by going to meetings, attending functions, and participating in shows. Meet other industry professionals outside the confines of your four walls.

Too often we are consumed with our staff and our guests. We don’t consider the importance of having a conversation with someone doing the same, or similar, job not in another company. Imagine the insight you could gain from a colleague with a shared experience. Imagine the insight you might give your colleague! Even if both of you just end up complaining to each other, at least you’ll have someone new to whine with.

The mission of our industry associations is the betterment of our industry.  The more people really get INVOLVED, the easier it is to accomplish our goals.  Think about local liquor laws, COVID guidelines and assistance, labor situations.  All of these moved forward with the help and persistence of our associations.  Perhaps it was done without your involvement; perhaps progress will continue to be made without you ever showing up to a meeting. But think how powerful it could be if everyone got involved.

Take the time. Go to meetings. Get on a committee. Meet new and interesting people.  The best part is that we are the Hospitality Industry!  Our industry is filled with fun and crazy people, almost by definition.  When we get together, it is seldom boring, and it usually ends with a cocktail.