What do we do?

When you retain JonesCraft Hospitality & Restaurant Recruiters, you are hiring us to represent your company. We realize you are looking for a specific candidate. We find that candidate based on your requirements and what you need to drive your business. We focus on our extensive network and also directly search out the ideal candidate. Unlike other recruiting choices, we do not cast a wide net hoping to collect a multitude of resumes leaving you with a list of unqualified candidates.

Who are we?

We are industry veterans. When you have an open position, whether it is a kitchen manager, an executive housekeeper, or a chief operations officer, we understand the position. The restaurant and hospitality industry has its own language, and we speak it fluently.

Why are we unique?

Our candidates are top-notch. As a result, they are not always actively seeking a job. They are, however, open to possibilities and advancing their careers. Unlike candidates who may answer want ads or job postings, our candidates need to sold on your company, and that’s where we come in.


Confidentiality is the hallmark of JonesCraft Restaurant & Hospitality Recruiters. It permeates all levels of our communications and relationships. Candidates are screened and qualified prior to knowing any client information. This level of confidentiality allows our clients to make needed leadership changes to fit their specific timeline. Our candidates receive the same level of confidentiality.

Client Testimonials

  • Hamp Lindsey, Owner, Wade’s Family Restaurant

    Wade's Kitchen“We were struggling to locate management talent, and I located Adam through a friend who knew him. I have been extremely pleased with his results and our working relationship. I have found Adam to be very resourceful in finding talent and not just presenting resumes like a lot of other recruiters do. It has also been much more effective than sorting through tons of resumes using an online service. I have no reservation in recommending Adam if you are trying to locate management candidates.”

  • Gil Minor, Area Director, Chuy’s

    “We were struggling to find managers until we partnered with JonesCraft. Adam doesn’t waste my time. He sends qualified managers.”

  • Charly Robinson, President, F & D Kitchen & Bar

    “Adam is unequaled in the recruiting industry. His professionalism and understanding of the restaurant industry make him a valuable asset to our company.”

  • Chris Thomas, President, Planet Hollywood

    “When I am looking for the best talent for my restaurants, from an assistant manager to a Vice President of Operations, Adam is my first call.”

Our Searches

  • Searches

    JonesCraft Hospitality & Restaurant Recruiters realize every client is unique. Therefore, you choose the type of search we perform according to what best fits your organization’s recruiting objectives.

  • JonesCraft Retainer

    A retainer is our best value because the client is entitled to fill any vacant positions every month. The client pays for the unlimited search each month, regardless of the number of placements.

  • JonesCraft Retained Search

    Our retained search is recommended for positions with specialized requirements, a unique time sensitivity, or any focused need. The client pays for the search upfront.

  • JonesCraft Contingency Search

    Our contingency search is used for all types of positions. The client pays for the search when the candidate is hired.